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iPhone 4 Repair Microphone Issues

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 My iPhone Repair – The nationwide leader in flat rate iPhone Repair has recently come across a large amount of iPhone 4 repairs with microphone issues. The mind boggling part about this particular iPhone Repair is that the microphone appears to work in certain applications while completely muted out in other applications!

For example – we have an iPhone in our hands that currently records audio with voice memos and during video recording – however when we place a phone call we hear SILENCE! Nothing is heard on the receiving end!

At first thought you would think that this is a software issue – so we went ahead and restored the iPhone 4 with no success. Logically we thought if the microphone records with voice memos and video recording then the hardware is functional – right ? WRONG!

We went ahead and took one step further replacing the microphone on the bottom of the phone connected to the iPhone charging dock and WALLA! It corrected the problem!

So moral of this story – when it comes to the iPhone 4 – don’t let logic and common sense fool you! A functional microphone is not fully functional unless it works in all scenarios. Maybe because it records in different bit rates during phone calls? Either way – if you experience this issue – give My iPhone Repair a call.

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March 7, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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